Friday, March 9, 2012

Not your Grandmother's Knitting

Not too long ago when I was telling somebody how much I love to knit, they made a comment that essentially said, "Well, what else do you have to do up there in Alaska all winter?" I want to tell anybody who isn't aware of the revolution knitting has undergone in the the last ten years or so that this isn't your Grandmother's knitting! We modern knitters are an active, social lot with a presence on the web and out in public. Though most of us love a cozy knit indoors with a pot of tea on a cold day, we by no means restrict the project on our needles to a life of indoor confinement waiting in its basket for us to be sedentary with it. We knitters take our knitting with us these days. We knit on hikes and bike rides, on boats while out fishing and up in the air while flying. On a recent walk with my husband, Randy, I took my knitting with us for a stroll on the Bering Sea. The sea is frozen this time of year and makes a good walking surface. But when a sea freezes it isn't smooth like a skating pond, it is rippled and warped. There are cracks and pressure ridges push upwards and large blocks of ice form. I couldn't resist. Ice blocks make a great place to knit.
Knitting on ice

It is a little harder to knit in beaver mitts.

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  1. Or with a moose leg! Yes walked over moose leg today. . . Memories!