Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Picking Up and Putting Down

I have several projects underway, each one of which I will show in a later post, and everyday I have the intention of making at least a few fairly medium-sized steps towards completion on these items. Though I am aware that the probability of a wife/mother/teacher/friend/daily-walk-taker to log in enough time to actually make any real measurable progress on all of these three or four items (and five or six smaller ideas she wants to experiment with) is rather slim, I still rise out of bed each morning with a simple faith. I have risen out of bed as much as 45 minutes early to work on needlework before the regular day begins, thus increasing the likelihood of of those medium-sized steps coming into existence, but lately that is not what I have been doing

How I face the work day: Wool tights,socks, skirt, boots, sweater, scarf, coat, and hat (hat handspun). 
 in the mornings. Lately I have been trying to steal more sleep. Once I arise and the day begins, my faith turns to struggle as work gets in the way of all other plans. Then, after work, smaller things creep up and take over, for instance, taking my friend's very friendly dog home and having a wonderful visit, a long, lovely chat on Skype with my college attending daughter, and a shorter Skype Chat with my fantastic younger sister, and then there was the bath I took with a Jane Austin novel I couldn't put down. However, the grand thing about needlework is that it's made out of little stitches, little stitches that can be done one at a time if need be, picked up and put down as necessity arrises. So, by a little perseverance and a lot of picking up and putting down I accomplished several rounds on this:

Qiviut hat for my husband

and I turned this:

into this temporary mock collar creation so I could wear it today during parent teacher conferences: 

It goes to show that a stitch in time really does measure up.

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  1. I love reading your blog! It is like chatting with u when u are so far away!