Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring, Sort Of

We may be on spring break here, but its cold here, very cold. And it doesn't look much like Spring either. A few scenes  of what knitting helps me to weather every day.. . . . 
Brrrrrrrrrrrrr. And that's with no wind.
 Still there is a kind of stark beauty in winter. There is texture and line though the color palate is monochromatic. 

I love the way they hold the shape of the wind, even on a calm day.
Evergreens, they keep their chins up.
Can't you imagine snow trolls in the twisted shapes of drift wood stumps?

And then these show up. Such bright color.

 A breath of spring that arrived on the plane with my Mother-in-Law who came to visit. She is also a needleworker and a great inspiration to my knitting. Here she is with her embroidery. She is adding embroidery to the edges of pillow cases for her granddaughters. They will be treasured forever the way needlework of Grandmothers always has been through the ages. I feel lucky. 

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  1. I tried yesterday to get all my comments in but sometimes that iphone just is not iperfect. The cold and I wish it would warm up now so it would just snow!