Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The Alaskan bush is the perfect place to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with wool. It gets cold here, very cold with temperatures down around minus 20-30 degrees F for weeks, even months and a kind of darkness and monotony in winter only prisoners can know. Through my 22 years living and raising kids in the bush after arriving here as a young woman fresh out of university to teach school in rural and remote areas, wool has been by my side as warmth, and outlet and a true insulator from the psychological as well as geographically stresses of living here. Next year, after all these years we are making a change. We are heading back to more populous regions, back to Washington state on the Idaho boarder where we recently acquired a house that it waiting for us, our first house, one that isn't teacher housing owned by our employer, and I wonder how much wool can help me make these changes. Our children growing up and leaving the nest, our Big Move as we let go of the adventure Alaska has been, our semi-retirement and our uncertain financial future there in the lower 48 states. This blog is to help me document my Alaskan bush past and my Washington/Idaho future as I look back and as I go forward, and it is to help me document the role natural can play in a life, how much needlework can mean to a person's life, how much of a friend and indeed, how much of a life can be made out of wool.  Onward! 
Unalakleet, Alaska

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