Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's Done

Shhhhhhhhh. . . . Here it is, the qiviut hat. I finished it earlier but I am just now getting the 'hat for certain people" posted to the blog. You can see it being modeled in the photo by the lovely Doris who helps me block most my hats. I am now at work on something I can't tell you about until after Christmas but which arose just today and constitutes a challenge and must be done by December 27. There is no telling who will win, the calendar or me. The race is on.

There is a slight purl pattern above the ribbing that is meant to represent wings as the person who requested this hat has a love for flying.

What doesn't show up here is the flower shape the double decreases make. Actually it looks a lot like a starfish which represents the love for the sea.

I have to dash away now, time is ticking!

1 comment:

  1. Great job and I really need to get to my Qiviut as well! Over Christmas I need to get working on a hat.