Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More from Ragna

Ragna was a voracious crocheter. Her small white crochet hook in my possession is well used. In her later years, toward the end when she suffered from dementia and was living with her daughter Esther, I am told she couldn't remember many things, but when one of her crochet bedspreads needed repairing and she was given her hook and thread. She went right to work hooking the stitch pattern where it needed the repair and she did it perfectly, tension design and all. It was so ingrained in her memory. The lovely web of needlework from the treasure trove of Ragna's I am posting today is nothing I can identify. It looks woven in two different styles and has a crochet edging. It is made out of thick, crisp cotton thread and its rectangular shape and its size of 11x35 inches suggests it was made as a dresser scarf. What I particularly love about this piece are the end threads that show where the end of the working thread was tucked when the needleworker needed to anchor one thread before threading her needle with another. Some of these could also be where some threads have come loose, though the piece seems in relatively good shape. Its an elegant thing and looks rather as if it were a web or net of cotton thread that the design was added to by weaving with needle and thread. Or, could this be some kind of pulled thread work where some of the threads of a piece of cloth are removed to form designs? I plan to search for an answer, take it too the local university and see if anybody there knows or to local needle groups. Maybe you know. Can you tell me? 

Up close. Notice the two type of woven effects and some of those end threads.


  1. WoolNWords this is an amazing piece! I wonder if you ought to send an email to the lady on Ravelry who is from the Shetlands or Needled. They may have some knowledge of this type of work. I do agree, I am no expert but I have never seen anything like this!

  2. That's a good idea. I will contact her. Thanks for the tip and the comments on this piece.