Sunday, December 9, 2012

Quilters Do It

Behold! The sweater as art!
 I am decorating! For the first time in over 20 years I am truly living in my own house instead of a school district owned house. It turns out that the thing about decorating is you get to show what it is you like best about the world. Personally one of the big pluses this world has going for it in my books is the fact that sheep live in it with me, and that sheep like to get their hair cut. After they get their wooly covering sheared off them they don't really care all that much what we do with it. It's a huge added plus that their cast off clothing is this miraculous, beautiful stuff! It keeps us warm even when wet, comes in a variety of natural shades of lovely, as well as a variety of textures long and short, AND it turns out to be an artistic medium the limits of which have not been reached! Knitters, weavers, spinners and crocheters are constantly finding new ways of creating beauty out of the stuff. Lock a knitter in a room with a box of wool and two sticks for a year and when you come back to check on her you will find her very busy and possibly wondering why it is you are interrupting her. Chances are it is something wonderful she is busily working too. With that said, why don't we see more of these wonderful creations which we spend our time doing hanging on walls more often like the true masterpieces they are? Quilters do it. Quilts are given great credit. How many times have you walked into a local bank or dentist office and seen the wonderful works of quilted art? Those endless arrangements of tessellation or the charming pictures of applique done with needle and thread are a constant delight. Why can't a soul be equally delighted by wool twisted into the many pleasing configurations of texture and color? Why don't we see the work of so many talented fiber artists hanging on the walls of offices and waiting rooms as well? With this in mind I set aside one wall of my house, not for a framed print as usual, but as a mini gallery that will showcase my knitting. Borrowing the idea from our quilting sisters and brothers of hanging the work from a removable rod, I have hung my sweaters by threading them through the arms. They don't all hang the same. Yoke and drop shoulder, raglan or fitted sleeve will all behave differently, but I decided this is part of what is interesting about the construction. I have only the one rod, it is the sweaters themselves that come and go upon it depending on what I want to see above my writing desk that day or what I want to take off the wall and wear around on my own back instead. So far I am pleased. I am always looking for more ways to live with wool. I have a small bit of track lighting with two bulbs I can spotlight the art with in true gallery form, but that is not completely necessary. I have found that as the light through the windows changes throughout the day the color and textures in the sweaters show their different hues and fassets. If you worry about moths a little sachet of moth deterrent can be hang inside the sweater, but moths are less inclined to nibble in the open. They tend to seek out the closets one curator of textiles told me. So come on, lets all showcase our knitting and crochet on our walls! And bravo to your weavers who already do it. After all my knitting sisters and brothers. . . you are true artists. Why not treat your work as such?

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  1. Ok I keep trying to post from the phone and that just doesn't work. Now I don't recognize this sweater at all??