Friday, December 21, 2012

The Looooong Project

A very Scandinavian flavored project. Ragna would be pleased.
I thought you might like to see an update on the cross stitch project I told you I wasn't going to go into detail on because you'd think I was a crazy lady to even begin. And I told you that I'll finish this project when I'm 100 years old (an exaggeration). It's large but I love a long project. I was talking to a fabulous weaver the other day that just finished a seven year project. Thirteen tapestries, and each one so detailed telling a story. She said, "I love long projects," and I know what she means. Long projects make me feel stocked up. I always have several needle work projects going on, and one long one at least. The economy may be terrible, storms may rage, friends and family may go through crises and we may be experiencing difficulties, but with needlework in hand I can face almost anything. Give me needles, fiber and cloth and I'm set. I can take them with me in my pocket anywhere. They are inexpensive, and yet there is no end to the possibilities they offer to the imagination and creativity. The repetition of stitches is rhythmic and soothing as each stitch passes through the fingers like Rosary beads. No matter what happens during a day I always feel I have something to show for it in the end if I have done at least a few stitches on what will invariable turn out to be something useful or warm or beautiful. . . and maybe even all three. Little bits of a whole always add up and its funny how I get attached to projects and even the stitches on my needles become like tiny characters to me, like friends. Sometimes I actually am sorry to see a project end. So there, I'm not so crazy after all to welcome this large cross stitch canvas into my life to work on bit by bit, even if just a few stitches each day, and someday it will be done and a thing, I hope, of beauty that my own great granddaughter might cherish the way I cherish Ragna's needlework projects. . . . especially the crazy long ones. 


  1. I am curious what the whole project will look like or where this little piece is leading . . . I think long projects are fine it you work on them consistently and not tucking them away for years or decades as I have one of those I really should finish.

  2. Yes, the trick is to work on them a bit each day so you can never claim them as a u.f.o. !!