Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What I'm Working On

Dear Edwina (for an explanation of who Edwina is, please scroll down to "The Quiet Little Voice" post) I know there is a countdown until Christmas! I know the person who requested a qiviut hat is going to arrive in four days time! I know I should be focused on knitting around and around in plain stockinette stitch, but let me show you some things that distract me. . . . 

The texture in the vest I am knitting. I am following the pattern for "Clock Vest" in Cheryl Oberle's wonderful book Folk Vests published by Interweave. I highly recommend this book. Look at those fun cables that swirl! There are four of them and one big, completely different cable worked up the back of the vest. Who can resist the fascination of knitting and knitting just to watch those beauties grow?

Then there is my "Lace Experiment" in which I am attempting to knit lace for the very first time. This scarf is also out of qiviut. Though this lace pattern was described as a good beginner's pattern, I have come to believe the person who made that statement is more gifted in lace knitting than I. In knitting this I am also learning to extend my boundaries of patience with myself as I suspect I might be lace knitting challenged. It is immensely engrossing however. This photo doesn't show the whole length of my completed work, but this morning I celebrated the "almost half way point". Whew!

Then there is this, which I am not even going to get into defending because if I tried I'd have to explain how huge this tapestry is and that I expect to be 100 years old when I'm done and you will think I am crazy, so. . . moving on. . . 

This is one of my best friends. Her name is Priscilla and she is a Lendrum wheel. Together we are working on a lot of Shetland fleece with the help of some combs and a drum carder. On Thursday we have a date to go over to spin on the farm of one of our wool guild friends. We plan to drink lots of tea, spin more Shetland, and stroll amongst the flock of sheep that live on her farm.

And lastly there in Jenny. Look at those eyes. She knows how to use them to get what she wants. What more needs to be said here?

So you see, any one of these is more interesting than this. However, you are right again, as usual, Edwina, and so today I resolve to work steadily onward. You can see I have made some progress in the last day or so. I work a bit on each project every day and do have a good track record for completing projects. So, with four more days until I have to knit in places where certain people won't be able to see, like in closets or while sitting in the car in the parking lot on totally fictional trips to the store, I leave now to go knit that hat. Hmmmm. . . in another inch or so I think I will work out a double decrease closure.

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  1. All projects are great but love the vest. What yarn are you using and post a photo of the back cable--please. Snow storm, blizzard, and drifts . . . aah perfect weather!