Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Long Ago Little Girl's Sewing Project

 In the world of Lynn the best room in the house is a largish room with lots of natural lighting where a spinning wheel, loom, and a sewing machine are set up never needing to be moved. This room is yet to be fully realized but it isn't far off and at least there is a version of it now in existence. would be full of baskets of threads and fiber and fabric and several lovely old dolls would be around the room to add a warm old fashioned feminie touch along with the lace and linens and other needle work set around 
and on display. Luckily for me several of my Grandmother's old dolls were to be found in the trunk of inherited textile treasure entrusted to me, and here is one of them on a small doll quilt my mother made for the dolls of my own childhood. Esme' comes with a wardrobe of two or three dresses and a little round velvet cape. A child at some time made these wonderfully detailed doll clothes, a lucky and loved little girl. I thought I would show you. The pink dress Esme' is wearing feels like silk and it is rather delicate and has separated at the seams in one or two places. There is a heavier cotton fabric constructing the long dress, in perfect condition, with a tiny little brooch at the neck, and there is a two piece wool outfit I am showing you the stitching on first. I have opened the little jacket so you can see the details and the stitching so large in the complex cramped construction it makes me realize the little girl made these under the eye of an experienced needlewoman. This was a child's sewing project and that much was learned in the sewing room of some bygone day when a little girl worked at the knee of some patient mother or grandmother or aunt. I like to think that Esme' and her wardrobe were once part of the needlework tradition and taught the art of sewing to some little girl in my family tree. Esme' will hold a place of honor in my textile studio. 

The stitching on the inside must be a wonderful story

Wool with a silk blouse and jet beads

A day dress of sturdy cotton

See the tiny brooch? Notice the smocking stitches?

Endearingly childish little handmade button holes and hem stitching. Is that perhaps a drop of blood from a pricked finger in the corner?
Hem stitching

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