Friday, January 11, 2013

A New Direction

The tools and supplies. 
Happy Birthday to me. Look what I got! The cloth and pattern were a gift. Thank you to my husband, son and daughter. Do I dare attempt to sew a dress? I made a skirt last summer. Is it time to step it up? Some people thinks so, and they have been listening to me ooh and ahh over the dresses on Downton Abby which is a big reason I watch the show, among many other reasons. My family have been listening to me make comments such as. . . "Oh I would love to be able to make clothes like that!" HA!! Well, I suppose my family is encouraging me to start and I appreciate their faith. So I have some very pretty cotton in blue and white and a fairly simple (I hope) dress pattern, and I have resources and help near by. Okay, preparing to take the plunge. First step today, wash, dry and iron the fabric. I remember my mother sewing clothes by the hour for all of us while my sisters and I were growing up. I wish she lived next door right now instead of across state! Stay tuned. I will up date as I the adventure progresses. . . . however, don't expect to see my name listed in the credits for costume department for Downton Abby any time soon!

Fairly simple, right? According to somebody somewhere it is. Let's hope I find it to be so. Wish me luck!

I love this print. It reminds me of china dishes. I hope I can do it justice!

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  1. Agree on the Blue Willow China dish pattern. You are brave is all I will say . . . two needles is about all I can handle!