Monday, January 7, 2013

Vintage Beaded Bag

It's the little things in life. In this case the tiny-tiny things. These beads are the smallest beads I have ever seen. They are about the size of a poppy seed. Here we have a hand made bag done in hundreds of tiny glass beads. I wish I had a date on this, but the resources I've read said this kind of bag was made roughly between 1700-1920.  I have always loved little things, miniatures fascinated me as a child. I love that tiny stitches made over and over make a tapestry, minutes after minutes make a life. Again, I can see the moments in the life of the woman who made this purse. It was found in the chest of treasure I inherited of my Great Grandmother Ragna's needlework. Did she make it? I can see the stitcher's patience in the creation of this bag and its encrustation of such miniature beads. There are no seams visible on the inside. The beading is even, the stitches in the pink satin lining are tiny and even, and carefully done. I find it interesting that the little chain that gathers this purse closed through little mettle rings is rather functional with no real decorative characteristics. Perhaps little chains were not made any finer at the time of this bag's creation. The floral and geometric design however is rich and beautiful and is done in green, yellow, blue, pink, yellow and purple beads surrounded by beige beads.  Dangling off the end is a small ball covered with beadwork in green and white stripes. The bag measures 9 inches by 6 and a quarter inches. It is in excellent shape and feels heavy in my hand. Was it made when time weighed heavy on the makers hands and this is how she filled it? I believe it was made for the love of beauty. There is a sparkle to the beading and it flows when I hold is, like water over the sides of my hands. Like time through my fingers.

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