Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feels like Spring

Winter is breaking up and Jenny (my dog) and I took a beautiful walk the other day. What strikes me is the light and texture of nature. Winter is breaking up and it's starting to feel like spring around here. This being my first year out of Alaska I was surprised. People say it is warmer than normal for a regular February. It feels so good to be outside and one of my favorite things is to just walk around and be out in it all. I took seventy-one pictures of! I won't post them all here and some I will save for later, but this gives you a flavor of my neighborhood. This is a farming area. Lots of wheat is grown here and some of it is already starting to come up. Winter wheat gets planted in the fall. When the snow melts away we can see that some of the summer crop has already begun. So, let me show you around a bit. . . 

There is still some snow. Jenny loves to lay in it.
We have a little river that flows through town.
Surrounded by hills, it's part of our walk to climb them. Jenny beat me to the top.

Our town

Our local church zoomed in on from the hills

You can just see the clump of trees down there behind my house. but you can't see the house from here.

A busy place during harvest. This is part of the grain elevator. Trucks pull in and out of here to unload their wheat.

Old timer
             Thanks for coming along. Lets go home and get some hot chocolate.

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  1. Thanks fro the stroll over hill and dale . . .