Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Adequate Daily Progress

What?! Is that all the farther you are on the sampler?
I have this secret fantasy in which something big happens and all of a sudden everybody has to make do with what things they already have. I realize I haven't thought the impact of this all the way through, and I want to state here and now that this fantasy is in regard to the extra things in life, not the necessities.  I used to feel that I was stocking up. I would buy a book I thought looked good and shelve it on my shelves at home to have on hand to read "someday". I have done the same with things like yarn. I have a friend named Kara who is one of the most creative people I know and you can't budge her from her house unless its for a VERY good reason. The result is her beautiful art in a varieties of forms worked on and completed over years worth of time (really, she is overwhelmingly amazing in her creativity and productivity. You should see her art, but I don't know the rules for talking about other people and their work on a blog with out them being fully aware. Her name really isn't even Kara). Perhaps the reason why several of my projects fail to show adequate daily progress is because I am allowing myself to be pulled away from them, out of the house and garden for not very good reasons, reasons like the chance to stock up a bit more (I love the used book store we have in town and pay it a visit regularly). And so, I vow to be done stocking up now and to enter a state of greater accomplishment, refining and living out my fantasy.

Actually I am a lot farther along than this. But it still isn't done yet. I am on the armhole and neck ribbing. But hey! That quilt is done! I finished it 14 years ago however (two years of hand quilting!). That was back when I lived isolated on an Island in Alaska with two small children and couldn't go anywhere. 
I will never read all the books I have on my shelves, even if I live to be 210! been meaning to read Anthony Trollope for years. Today its raining so I am going to break into the stash and have a cozy curl-up with tea and Trollope at last. I am not going to tell you the number of other things I am working on. 
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