Monday, March 18, 2013


This one is a favorite. 

Like Wisteria
Today another treasure from the heirloom treasure chest of family needlework. I feel I have been neglecting that a bit in my enthusiasm for Spring and some of my own fiber arts pursuits. I choose to think of what I do as FIBER ART. The word art gives it so much more dignity than less serious words. What I would like to show you today was done by Great Grandmother Bessie. She too was as fabulous with a crochet hook as Great Grandma Ragna. This is a work of angles or fairies surely! Look at that elaborate, trim! It dangles like the most romantic trailing vines to be found in ole Victorian era gardens. I don't know the name of this lace but I like to think it is called Wisteria. It makes me do that little gasping breath of bliss that old wisteria vines cause in me when I see them overflowing in all their glory along the roof edge of ancient front porches, particularly the porches of old, Victorian houses. I love to hold this piece of crochet and let the lace trim spill over the edge of my hand in the same way those flowering vines spill over roof edges. This is quite a large piece as I show you with a ruler and a particularly endearing feature for me in this piece is the fact that the middle section, the cloth circle it surrounds, does not lay flat as was probably originally intended. Did this cause a bit of consternation in the heart of my Great Grandma? I want to reassure her. Bessie, rest assured. In this day of Scientific perfection of computer created items, the hint of the human element in your work makes me feel your presence all the more acutely. This piece is alive compared to the perfection of most things on the store racks and shelves today. Bravo! I find this piece doubly gorgeous for the skill in the crochet lace and the slight error in the over all outcome. Perhaps I should get this one framed? Surely there is no limit to the amount of textile beauty that can hang on the walls of one's house, at least not by my view of the world. Maybe not so much by my son's and husband's view however, though they do put up with me rather well in my crazy love fore textiles. For now though this large lovely lives in the treasure chest and from time to time I will take it out whenever day to day life leaves me deflated and feeling in need of a blissful little gasp.

22 inches across

I love seeing the stitches made by my great grandmother's hand. A tiny moment in her life right there before my eyes. Here you can see the stitches that connect the lace to the cloth. 

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  1. Woolen this is a wonderful piece and your writing matches this piece . . . what a wonderful description! I am on that porch with my ice tea right now!