Friday, March 22, 2013

Gardening with Jenny

Yesterday, in between the moodier moments of the spring weather, I set out to pot my pansies. Jenny, very good friend of mine, happened by and showed that she too has a great interest in flowers and stuck around to help with the action. She took it all so seriously! Notice her expression all the way though, not the same laughing dog that goes on walks with me. Anything that might be work is serious stuff to a border collie. Also, look close and you can see how the weather changed. Her fur has snowflakes in some photos and in one she is standing in the sun. All while we were planting . . .

" Hi, Hi Lynn. So. . . Auhhh, what cha you doin'? I like Flowers. I like flowers too. I like flowers really really lots. Can I help. I always wanted to plant flowers. I like to plant flowers. Please?

Ok. Like this, right? And you push the dirt down? Like this. Right?
And a little more over here, I think, okay? Don't you? Like this. That's good. Right?

Oh. Oh Okay I see. Water. It's water. They need a drink. Yeah. 
So what do you think? Are we done now? Are we done planting them?
Okay. you want me to pose with them? Okay. No wait, this one isn't ready yet. Just a minute, let me fix this a little bit here.

Ready. Okay how's this? Do I look alright? Do I look as good as the Pansies do?  Does my fur look alright. Do you have the brush? Okay then, take it. Cheese. I just love flowers.
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  1. I absolutely LOVE it! So Jenny....

  2. Nothing like border collie to herd those pansies into the right flower pot!