Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Promise

Something to draw inspiration from this time of year. I plan to do some potting today.
Soon we will be like the Wordsworth poem around here in our number of daffodils
Happy Spring Equinox! If we must be the change we want to see in the world, then I need  to be tulips and daffodils, warm breezes, little song birds and sunshine. . . . and tea and of course needlework. My children tell me I was born in the wrong era and perhaps it's true because I do wish we all wore hats, lovely creations made in shops by artistic milliners. . . at least in theory I do. Secretly, I know this would most likely turn out to be a pain in the neck. BUT, I like the idea. This time of year my mind is turning to our garden as things are waking up and my hungry eyes scan the flower beds for crumbs of the feast to come. I am starving for flowers! Passing my favorite garden shop the other day I stopped in and bought a few lovely little pansies to put on my kitchen windowsill. Here they are ready to put in small pots so I can gaze and gaze away at them while I wash dishes dreaming of the peonies and hollyhocks and roses to come. The daffodils are promising a grand show this year and I have plans for a real botanical rumpus to take place in a barren little bed that's waiting for some love. Feeling rather twitchy for spring to pick up the pace a bit, I took a walk in part of our garden this morning and snapped some pictures to show you. I hope they help bring some of that change we in the northern parts of the world are rather starved for at the moment. There is hope in the garden!

As far as I know, no little birds have ever lived here. But it looks as if fairies could.

Waiting for the little birds. This lone boxwood will be joined by a bunch of young ones to create an outline.


Garlic. It's already do so well I think we may have to go into business. And we planted a lot of it.

The fairy house again and a view of the sleeping lilac that spreads its flowers and shade over the patio. There are s few more of our daffodils. 

My beloved hollyhocks are beginning. Here is the batch that grows up along the old foundation stones of dear old house. This place is 104 years old.

These are my roses. Nothing yet.

My climbing roses. As you ca see I have set high expectations. I had my husband extend the trellis. 
Fragrant herbs, the kind you can walk on, growing in the pavers.
Tiny little beauties. The rain sits like jewels on things
As promising as the garden is, however, it's still very nice to sit beside this and have tea!
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  1. Love the fairy house don't ever remove that! Someone really took a lot of time to get flowers going in the 104 year home. Lots of time was spent out in that yard . . . nice to know you will carry it on and I think that home will enjoy the care as well.