Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tiny Turkish and Spring Garden

It's only about 3 inches big.
A member of my fiber guild has the tiniest little drop spindle I have ever seen. It's a Turkish spindle and I have been fascinated watching her spin away on such a tiny, inconspicuous little drop spindle during meeting business. She takes it everywhere. It lives in an empty tea can and travels around in her pocket. Intrigued with its size and the ease in which it would be to spin fiber on this little thing everywhere so easily, even easier than a regular sized spindle, I bought one. I took it with me today on a walk, sat down in a field alone with my dog beside me on a sunny hillside and spun, listening to the birds and welcoming the warmth of the sun on my skin.

And on a turkish spindle you remove the shaft, slide the wings apart and out of you yarn and what you end up with is the ball of yarn with out having to wind up a thing!
I am anxiously awaiting a yard full of flowers. At the moment what we have is an army of green spears all over the garden like these.

I love this dirt hat these have on after bursting up out of the dirt. Quite jaunty, don't you think?
In the mean time we are starting what will become our summer vegetable garden. These are indoors safe from any sneaky frosts.


  1. Oh my what a spindle and also how resourceful having yarn ready to go! Love the flowers as well!