Saturday, March 16, 2013


My house guest
Some things are too good to be true. . . and yet they are true! A long time dream of learning to weave is much more accessible here in our new location than it ever was while living in Alaska for the last twenty odd years. Since moving here and joining the local chapter of a national weaving guild, I have found a large group of kindred spirits who get as excited as I do about wool and cloth and threads. In fact, when I mentioned I wanted to learn about weaving on a loom the guild immediately loaned me a loom and just as quickly one of the guild members showed up on my doorstep offering to teach me how to use it. . . . all free of charge! See? Isn't that too good to be true in this day and age? So now I have a smallish, four harness table loom living at my house for as long as I need it, and my friend Mary comes to give me free lessons several hours in length. This surely is some kind of heaven! 

Mary setting up the warping board. It is a way of measuring out the amount and the length of the warp threads. It took me several days to get the loom warped. It involved threading hundreds of tiny little rods which are called heddles.

Mary getting me started.

Sliding the shuttle along the shuttle race

My first weaving! Done in wool. Here is a bit of plain weave, Tweed and some basket weave. My homework will result in a sampler of different weaving patterns. I also have lots of reading to do!

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  1. I could see liking this but I am not sure I would do well in the setting up department! However a stormy day would certainly lend itself to this aspect of weaving.

    On a different note it is so refreshing to read your writing . . . clear, wonderful words, and like the author of a "A River Runs Through It" not wordy . . . I remember the scene when the father says in the movie, "Great now go get rid of half the words."

    Sunrising across the tundra . . . a burst of color!