Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A little nuts

Just a few from my hoard
Am I going crazy or do I need to become a horticulturist? I am nuts for the garden, or is it just spring? Maybe we all go a little nuts when the weather starts to get warm, and new life starts to spring up all over the place. I can't walk by a plant stand with out stopping to drool over anything with a flower and read all those little plastic tags printed with care instructions for all the different kinds. I stop in at the library to pick up the novel my 
husband wanted and I come staggering back out to the car with a stack of books all about gardens. I now have a collection of seed packs that rivals my son's collection of baseball cards (his collection took years to build up, mine just a few weeks) and I have already begun preparing for winter by thinking that perhaps $25,000 for a beautiful year round glass greenhouse might actually be a good idea (note: I don't have anywhere near that much money to spend on anything). Maybe this is what finally getting to see a real spring time after 23 years in Alaska will do to you. Maybe the fact that I now appreciate flowers and plants and find them interesting is because for the first time in my life I actually HAVE a garden to do anything WITH vegetables and flowers. Or. maybe I have actually matured into my second calling in life since my first calling, teaching school, turned out to be mostly unsatisfying due to the fact that modern US schools have become test taking mills.
Our potting shed is now my favorite room
Whatever is going on, its going on in my garden and my head as I am happily planting seeds, reading advice, drawing up plans and watching the garden wake up. Question: do you think 35 species of flowers beneath the front windows is going to be too many or do you think I can bump that up by another dozen or so? 

The latest raft or newly planted seeds. There's a whole fleet inside near the windows being nurtured for replanting when we can be sure that Jack Frost has indeed pulled up stakes and left town.
Jenny went with me into our tool shed with me, and there she fell under the spell of the lid from a five gallon bucket. . . 

. . . walked off with it
. . .and carried it around the rest of the morning (here along the out edge of our vegetable garden and its deer fencing). It's he greatest treasure ever, just ask her. She will let you look at it, but she wont let you have it, or even touch it. She knows you're just jealous. Maybe we've all gone a little nuts.


  1. Love love love love the action packed gardener coming out of her long Alaskan hibernation and realizing that yes in April it is not all of +8F like what I woke up to up here this morning!

    I will say over time you will get over this a bit but for now go with it and enjoy the smell of earth!

    P.S. It must feel great to voice your opinion on education and know that you are right and one doesn't need data to prove it!

  2. That is totally awesome and exactly how I feel about the garden.