Monday, April 15, 2013

Art in the Barn

Saturday I left the garden behind and drove down the road to the art barn located between Union Town and the town of Coleton. I took my spinning wheel with me because I had been invited to demonstrate wool being spun into yarn. It was a day full of spring-time squalls as I drove to the art show in the renovated barn .....

Local life

Quiet as it all seems, people forget that family farms are a business, much like any other. Still, I love to know these are all family farms, not big corporations and the same families still make a living from them as they have since the 1870's when their ancestors first settled this area. Most the farms are still in the hands of the original families.

Some local grandeure. I love to see the gracious old ones being taken care of so well. 

Some of this year's lambs.

My drive ended here. The renovated barn where local art and music is offered to people in the area or to people just passing through. It was donated to the town by the previous owner when his farming days were done. He said the town must shore up the barn and then use it for some kind of public use. Bringing people and art together is what the town decided on.

Upon heading inside I found. . . .
Displays of beautiful work by talented people

All done in natural textiles since the show was about making art from natural materials

This is Louraine and she floored me (no pun intended) with her beautifully hooked rugs! She creates them from scraps of old wool clothing. She cuts the wool into slender ribbons, rather fine in measurement, than loops them up with a hook through a piece of burlap backing to create designs of her own making. Here she is being watched by another visiter as she works at her rung frame. 

Work underway. A close-up of her fine wool strips looped through burlap in the process of being made into a new rug.
A large floor rug

Her work. Look at the colors and the shapes she gets from working the colors together. There is no top stitching or embroidery etc. Just hooked wool strips.

Here you can see the backside of one of Louraine's rugs flipped on top of the front side. She neatly finishes the edges to complete the rug. They will last lifetimes!
I will share more in my next blog as I don't want to make this too long. More fiber artists later. Stay tuned!

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  1. This is one of my favorite posts as I feel like I was right there with you! I love the art work. I love the wool rugs as I have always loved those rugs and would like to make one some day! I love the barns and the stroll through the countryside with you! Thanks!