Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Art in the Barn

Continuing on where I left of last post. . .  there is more wonderful fiber art from talented artists to enjoy

This beautiful garden against a blue sky was done by felting dyed wool together. 

Meet Joanne. She works with carded, un-spun wool, and needles to create garments and art. She was working on decorating a felt bag she'd made. Tiny jabs over and over with a sharp needle attaches wool to wool.

Here is Jean's hand working the needle over and over on the wool decorations on the wool bag she made. She has turned all of it into felt.

More of Joanne's felt. She does some abstract pieces.

Do you see kites in the wind?

The next artist was Ellen. She makes little cotton quilts with flora motifs that were flowers from her own garden directly transferred to prepared cotton cloth, then embellished with beads and stitching, but no further dye, just the natural flower's original color and shape.

Here's how she does it. The plain, ordinary white cotton has been soaked in a solution of Alum and baking soda. Then she picks flowers from her garden and lightly taps on the flower until its shape and color comes through the fabric. she gets some wonderful shades and textures. 

She then adds embellishments. Those flower shapes were actual flowers tapped with a hammer so their stain came through so perfectly. It was almost like pressing flowers because you can preserve your garden blooms in this way.

There was some wonderful loom weaving on display, some of it done by Jean.

So pretty and so much more alive than machine weave! OH! It just looks and feels amazing!

Who would believe you could do so much with the different variations of basic "under, over".

So well done and so pretty. Doesn't it make you want you own loom?

And her is Lee with her display of wool from her own Icelandic sheep. She has been dying with natural dyes since the 1970's.

Shetland wool can be course or very soft and it knits up so well. Lee had some of her hats and neck warmers there and a woven shawl dyed a very pretty natural yellow and brown.

She had some red dye in the pot over a heat source. It was made from the small cochineal beetle. She added some white Icelandic wool and it turned a very enticing cherry red!
A wonderful day. Art shows are a good way to get inspired and an even better way to be amazed at all the creativity there is in people and all the artists there are living amongst us. I leave you now with two more wool rugs. This one was done for a lucky elephant loving child by another gifted rug artist.

For the love of coffee!


  1. OH MY what wonderful work----amazing really and isn't it amazing how much talent there is out there in the world!