Sunday, May 19, 2013

Baby sweater update

I thought I'd post an update on this little homespun sweetie my last post was about. Here is how far I have come, and yes, those are some of my notes on that paper! I am actually writing things down as I make this one. Amazing how much easier it makes it to go back and figure out what you want to do again. This is sweater is just one of my projects lately so it only gets part of my attention, but yesterday I connected the arms and after realizing a little misunderstanding between me and simple arithmetic, I took one of the arms back off, made an adjustment then connected the arm back to the body again. Things are going along rather well using a percentage system to invent the pattern as I go and a baby I borrow from time to time so I can have a living model to try things on. Now comes the yoke around the shoulders so I am going to take some time to hit the books, draw out ideas and dream. In a way it's like shopping through the dot matrixes. I will try out various things and report back with what I finally settle on. Half the fun is trying out the possibilities. Wish me luck in finding nice designs that have the appropriate mathematical factoring.

It helps to have a selection of books to shop through

HA! An old and venerable pattern, but some how not right in this case is don't think. Too large anyway. A nice idea though considering this could be a boys or a girl's sweater and reminds me of paper dolls which is charmingly childish. Of well. Onward!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Ready to ply

Years ago I was given a big ball of merino roving. It was slightly felted and the owner didn't want it anymore and the color was weird. Being new to spinning at the time, the gift of this slightly difficult wool, vaguely beige/brown colored, sort of baffled me. If she didn't know what to do with it, either did I. At that time I was new to spinning and was still learning to handle wonderfully prepared tops made out of long fibered wool that drafts as smoothly as butter. This roving however didn't seem to want to let go of itself. That was about 12 years ago. Things have changed. I know my way around a spinning wheel a bit better and the weird ball of roving doesn't seem near as intimidating, though it still isn't any prettier. I have decided it's time to stop packing it around and start doing something with with this. I find I can snap it to start things off, then ease a little pre-drafting action out of it after splitting each length into a semi loose sliver. As I spin I have only been filling the bobbins part way full before plying. because I really don't know how much of this there is going to turn out to be and I don't want a bunch on one bobbin and nothing on the other. I am a good way into the project now and there really isn't enough to make anything very big and I don't think mittens or a hat would be right. Too soft. But, since it's so soft why not a baby sweater? Good idea! And then I can put it away until some far off day when my children make me a grandmother. I am envisioning hats and booties to go with it. I know this darling pattern for a bonnet with a big heart at the back of the head Only, don't tell my kids. I wouldn't want them to think I have started getting anxious for them to bring me a grand child. I mean, I'm still young! Me? a grandmother?And they're only15 and 19. There's plenty of time. They're busy doing other things and so am I, like spinning wool and then experimenting to see how my different yarns knit up. If the things I knit just happen to be baby things well then. . . I'll be a well prepared Grandma with a full hope chest.
What's left to spin.
The swatch. Six stitches to the inch
Actually I took this out and cast on fewer stitches. But I have about this much knitted so far and I'm knitting right along.