Sunday, May 19, 2013

Baby sweater update

I thought I'd post an update on this little homespun sweetie my last post was about. Here is how far I have come, and yes, those are some of my notes on that paper! I am actually writing things down as I make this one. Amazing how much easier it makes it to go back and figure out what you want to do again. This is sweater is just one of my projects lately so it only gets part of my attention, but yesterday I connected the arms and after realizing a little misunderstanding between me and simple arithmetic, I took one of the arms back off, made an adjustment then connected the arm back to the body again. Things are going along rather well using a percentage system to invent the pattern as I go and a baby I borrow from time to time so I can have a living model to try things on. Now comes the yoke around the shoulders so I am going to take some time to hit the books, draw out ideas and dream. In a way it's like shopping through the dot matrixes. I will try out various things and report back with what I finally settle on. Half the fun is trying out the possibilities. Wish me luck in finding nice designs that have the appropriate mathematical factoring.

It helps to have a selection of books to shop through

HA! An old and venerable pattern, but some how not right in this case is don't think. Too large anyway. A nice idea though considering this could be a boys or a girl's sweater and reminds me of paper dolls which is charmingly childish. Of well. Onward!

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