Wednesday, September 18, 2013

End of Summer

Maybe its because of the rain but I finally feel as if the hot heat of summer is now a thing of the past. I can come in from the garden a little more and settle in for. . . .well if not winter yet, at lest some fall-like weather. On sunday it was so hot even walking in the evening made us sweat. Then Tuesday cam around with its storm and it's as if the fever has broken. Our first rain in months arrived Tuesday night and its been much cooler since. So, I will resume this blog which I am sorry I became lax with in the summer heat. Alright now, onward!

For the first blog post of the nearly fall season I want to show you how my gansey did at the county fair in August. It was a thrill to see my own pattern and own work on display. I didn't have that opportunity while living in isolated locations in Alaska. Now, in the Pacific Northwest, I do! I knit this traditional gansey by using the E.Z. percentage system. I highly recommend Elizabeth Zimmerman's books for all your knitting education. This gansey has all the traditional gansey features such a under arm gussets, upper body pattern with lover body stockinette, etc. I picked out a few knit and purl patterns I liked from Gladys Thompson's Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys and Arans book, which is a fabulous treasury of various knit and purl combinations if you're looking for one. I knit the neck band high and with button holes because I've always liked the look of two little silver buttons in the neck band of some kinds of sweaters, so I decided to do that to this one. I also put in neck gussets. In the end the sweated fit perfectly. I sent it out into the critical eye of the world and like any mother it was an anxious feeling leaving it in the hands of fair officials on crowded check in day. How would they keep it from getting lost in the mob and clutter? But they took very good care of it and were organized people. It did fine out there on its own and came safely home later, decorated with ribbons.


  1. What a proud accomplishment. Enjoy wearing it this winter.

  2. I am so glad you posted this photo of that gorgeous sweater! What a knitter you are and it isn't even store bought! EZ once again proves we can all design and own our own knitting!