Sunday, September 22, 2013

News from the Kingdom of Albion House

We caught the cutest mouse I ever saw. He had rounded ears and a long tail and was about as big as my littlest finger. It looked like a storybook mouse and would have made a darling pet. Sigh. Anyway, he's dead now.

Well, at least the wool blankets are safer and breathe a sigh of relief after the frightful carnage that came to light earlier this week. One of the elder members of the wool blanket community who that can trace her connection to the ruling family back three generations, was found brutally shredded. Clues and sighting by the royal family led to a warrant of arrest for, to quote one observer, "The cutest mouse I ever saw!" The suspect was seen lurking around the neighborhood of Storage Closet in the provence of T.V. Room,  and acting suspicious. Information that kingdom officials believed the cute mouse was in search of food and nesting materials in order to support a possible mouse sleeper cell was leaked through out the kingdom causing panic in all wool communities in the kingdom of Albion House. A committee of security officials checking into the situation for possible connections to the brutal shredding incident designated mouse NOT CUTE and possibly linked to larger, more organized mouse and moth terrorists organizations feared lurking in the kingdom of Albion House and surrounding environs even as far away as Neighbor's Barn. A decision to employ covert action using top quality weapon grade sticky tape and poisoned mouse delicacies was put into place. The action was a success, the terrorist was surprised and captured and his body put on display in order to dispel any possible rumors that mouse was only captured and jailed in the notorious Hamster Cage prison as a pet creating further worry of future escape. Tonight there will be a wool blanket jubilee as the wool blanket community casts off their fear and mourning in order to celebrate. I'm sure it will be a sight to see. (incidentally some upheaval in the wool community has begun to brew this afternoon because the wool sweaters, scarves, skirts, mittens and yarn have not been invited to the jubilee and are staging racial protest. The wool blankets have declined to comment).

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