Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another Update, and the Season

I'm not so sure this is what I'd call pretty lace, but that isn't the point! 

Another update on how I'm getting along with yarn overs and stunts such as alternating three purls with three knits in the same two stitches before allowing those stitches off the needle (that's a six stitch increase in two by the way. See how knowledgable I'm getting?). I'm not doing too bad! I did have a long session yesterday with a mistake involving three stitches, but I caught it early so there was no un-kniting other than half a row. Those three stitches and I did spend quite a bit of time together. I really got a chance to know them well and they gave me plenty of opportunity to throw lace knitting aside again and shout curses, but I persevered and won out in the end. And I'm pleased to say I was the picture of patience. In other words, I totally fixed it and with out making a scene! So now I'm humming right along and I am having a grand time showing off to my more skeptical self. See?! I can do this!!! I am starting to have fantasies of gauzy things knit with delicate yarn. But even I don't need myself to tell me I am not quite there yet. Instead I am thinking of another baby cap of a different pattern done with lace weight yarn. And I'm pleased to say the skeptical me has no opinion on that plan which I am going to accept as a positive sign. 

In other news around here: It's fall. My favorite. The air is warm but crisp and there is a hint of woodsmoke in the air and everything is golden and red. Next walk I take I will have to snap some photos of the wheat fields all harvested of their wheat.

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