Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Love Story

See how the tree and the stone lean toward each other?

In one of the places I like to take a walk, there is a small tombstone marking the grave for a little girl who died nearly one hundred years ago. The girl was "Our Beloved Little Jeane" who was a baby only a few months old. She was born on October 26, 1917, and
Jeane's Tree
while taking a walk in the field the other day on October 26,  I couldn't help but notice the tree that grows on Jeane's grave because the tree was standing out all bright yellow against the dark evergreens, as yellow as a lit candle. No mater where I walked in the field, looking across I could always see Little Jeane's tree, different from the trees around it and all lit with golden yellow. The tree is a birch, very old. Maybe 100 years old, and I can imagine Little Jeane's parents planting it for her so that every year on her birthday it would be like a lit candle to the memory of her. It's exactly like a candle. Their love for her shines on.

It is not an accident that this tree grows here amongst the darker ones. And it looked like this on October 26. Aglow.

Their love still grows

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  1. What a wonderful post. I wonder if there are still relatives in the area who know more about this family and even this tree??