Monday, October 21, 2013

Update: on to the Crown!

I have arrived at the decreases for the crown! HA! My skeptical self has pursed lips again and is rather silent except for a teeny little comment, something about this barely being lace, but its weak and I choose to tune her out. Pardon me for a few moments while I gloat upon these dizzy heights of my lace accomplishment! 

I can see I am not much good for anything else today, I am floating around here with a smile of pride on my face. I am supposed do the laundry, but I'd rather just sit here and gaze at my lace. A weekend's worth of dirty laundry to contend with can't possibly get a lace knitter down! Sure handling stinky socks could be considered unglamorous, but what does it matter when those same hands can turn around and knit something so beautiful and magical as lace? Surely the mundane no longer can get THIS lace knitter down!  I mean, I am practically magical! Just look at what beauty is possible on my needles!
Excuse me, I hear my skeptical self calling me from the laundry room. Piles of laundry are waiting.

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