Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jenny's Neighborhood

There is nothing better  than a walk
Due to yesterday's accomplishments I slacked off a bit today. The baby cap is done and so are a pair of booties. I'd show them to you but they are being blocked. So since all the knitting is taking a bath and getting into shape, how about pictures of the scenery around here. Jenny-Dog and I took a walk. Let's go see!

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Bravo! Mother nature is such an artist! This dry Hemlock is as good as fireworks.


Rose hips and the fuzzy part is known as Robin's Pin Cushion. 

This old rake from the days of horse drawn equipment has had its day.

the bend in the creek where the water slows down. Nice and shady in the summer.

Another view of the same creek further on. Looks like  its full of sky.
Another neighbor

See that one yellow tree in the middle? There is a story, nearly 100 years old, that goes with that. I will tell you in my next blog so I can show the proper pictures that go with it. It's a story that touches my heart.

Time to go home. Lets turn around and follow our steps back the way we cam. Thanks for walking with Jenny and me.

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  1. Lets see if today I post a comment due to the ever slow connection I have on the edge of no where!

    I love the photos and my two favorite are Jenny's tail heading off in the distance and the barn. Oh how I love a good barn!