Sunday, October 13, 2013


For a long time now, years actually, I have been pleading with myself to let myself knit some lace. It isn't easy. I'm pretty firm due to some bad lace experiences in the past. Inside my head it sounds something like this:

"Ooooooooh! Look at that gorgeous shetland shawl! Look how pretty! It's so light! Like Angel wings and snowflakes, and so cleaver with all that frothy, frothy trim! I want to knit that! Lets get some lace weight yarn and start right now!"
"No. You are not going to knit lace."
"I want to. I really want to knit something that beautiful."
"No. No lace. You tried to knit lace once, remember? You lost all those yarn overs."
"But I wont loose the yarn overs this time. I'll take really good care of them. I promise."

It sounds like a kid begging for a puppy. I have knit just about everything else and I make up my own patterns for sweaters, but I have NOT managed lace yet because I get lost, drop the yarn overs and just generally make a lot of mistakes. But I still want to do it!! So this past weekend I worked on myself for a while, wearing myself down and I finally talked myself into a simple lace project. I had just finished making booties for my friends new baby so when I saw a darling little cap I pointed out to myself that not only was it BARELY lace, it was small too. AND when I am done I would get to add it to my family heirloom textiles, a worthy place for lace, where it could wait until someday in the far future when I have a grandchild. So I caved in and am letting myself knit a BARELY lace item that could turn out a success.  I didn't have any lace yarn so I used some sport weight. I am focused because just wait until I show myself what I am sure I can do. I will be impressed and surprised and I will have to agree with myself about lace. And then, I have even bigger plans in store. But shhhhhhhh don't let myself know that yet. First I have to prove something to myself, that I can knit this barely lace cap. 

So far, I haven't lost ANY yarn overs. Wish me luck. This time next week I feel sure I will have a lace (barely) baby cap to show you. 

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