Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Making Progress

I wish you could see me, knitting along on my Barely Lace baby cap, taking extra special care of my yarn overs, and listening to ethereal celtic instrumental music on my ipod (perfect music for lace knitting). And yesterday when I realized I had messed up one of my "(K1,P1tbl)in yo"  and had to take out four rows to get to it, stitch by stitch because I'm scared to death to frog anything lacy even Barely Lacey, I ignored the voice inside my head that said, "See? Didn't I tell you this would happen? You're crazy for knitting lace!" It is true that no matter how careful I felt I was being, I still made a
mistake, but  I refused to see that as anything but a strange fluke and calmly continued to unknit stitch by stitch until I arrived at the problem. WIth an amazing display of patience and determination, I fixed the mistake (Which was just a fluke remember, not a sign that I should knit stockinette instead) and forged on. I'm so pleased now, I thought I'd show you that it's only Tuesday and I am a third of the way through the pattern! If I keep this up I might even be done this weekend as I planned, providing, of course, no more flukes happen. I'm mentally prepared though. If I find a mistake and the voice of skepticism speaks up again, I will just turn the volume up on my ipod.

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  1. It is amazing how lace can humble the best knitters!