Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Update: Done! (or nearly)

A curved textile suffering on a straight needle. I will draw together the top eight stitches, seam up the sides and set it free.

Ahem. . . .I would just like to point out to anybody who started out feeling skeptical at the beginning of this lace knitting project that I am now done with all the knitting and have only to seam the two sides together. That part of me that voiced her doubt in a snide little voice about lost yarn overs, mistakes and barely lace, is now invited to feast her eyes on the fact that I have not only NOT lost any yarn overs, but am now done with my first lace project and feeling pretty pleased. I am proud of my more adventurous side for going forward in spite of the snide voice and bad past experiences. I would like to invite that part of me to stand forth and receive her congratulations and I would like to offer her an opportunity of partnership in a new phase of our knitting life as CEO of all further lace endeavors. Optimistic Me is a risk taker, a visionary and has proven herself to be a dedicated, focused worker. She did what others said we couldn't do and so now, ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce plans to develop a whole new department to Lynn's Knitting Life, the department of Lace Knitting! I am thrilled, just thrilled about this. I have great faith in our new lace knitting department and believe that if Optimistic Me accepts the offer of promotion to Lace department CEO she is capable of expanding out knitting growth exponentially and of taking us to great heights of frothy frilliness. Thank you. 

Skeptical me, I believe I will make you CEO of the laundry.

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