Saturday, November 2, 2013

Victorian Booties

 Family Booties from 1911
Happy Wovember!  For my first entry of this festively wooly season I present the rebirth of a family heirloom! In my treasure chest of inherited family textiles I found a pair of wool booties knit by my great grandmother Louise for her first baby born in 1911. They were well used and then tucked away. I thought how much I wished I had a knitting pattern from one of the past knitters in my family, so I decided to decipher the knitting of these booties. It has taken me a while, and I made some false turns, but all along the way I felt I was knitting with Great Grandma Louise. I have figured out the puzzle and here is the result. I plan to make the pattern available on my Ravelry page in the next few days. Give me about a week to figure out how to post the pattern. My Ravelry name is purrly.

Such tiny stitches. As I worked I thought a lot about Great Greandma, whom I never met. But I learned some new things about knitting from her as I worked out her pattern. It is a pattern I will cherish. Thank you, Great Grandma.

The old and the new. Since there are two rows of eyelets for ribbon I tried it both ways: One ribbon tie like Grandman Louise apparently used, or two ribbon ties as the booty pattern seems to be made to flaunt. Victorians loved their decorations. Help me decide. Which ribbon style do you like best, single or double?