Monday, March 3, 2014

Gifted Words

Notecards in small envelopes send something extra that no other vehicle for communication can quite accomplish
I bought  a box of twenty-four notecards last week in a shop for just $6. I fell in love with them. Each one is unique and an exquisite little gem accompanied by its own envelope. I adore notecards as a way to send the gift of a few personal lines of thought to somebody. There are so many different kinds of note cards for this purpose. The best, in my opinion, are blank inside leaving you a space to express yourself in words or art. This particular little box of notecards is put out by the Punch Studio and feature mages from The Krishner Decorative Arts Collection. On the back of the box are these words:  "Ephemera is a term for everyday paper documents printed for temporary use such a postcards, product labels, calendars, tickets and greeting cards. Although most pieces of early ephemera were intended  to be discarded, many of the surviving antique images are now quite precious and hame become highly collectible." I love that the temporary beauty of these things is now the highly collectable and have been reprinted onto the cover of these cards as beauty from a bygone era. I like to think, as I am gifting a few of my words to people they receive a little bit of beauty along with them as they open the envelope. And maybe those ephemera words of mine will one day become quite precious to them. Some of my favorite cards found in my new Punch Studio notecards:

There were lots to choose from!

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  1. I love the note cards and am often drawn to the artsy cards as well. My Aunt Nancy used to buy the best cards full of great humor and art work. I wish I would have saved each one she sent.